Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS


Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS in Hindi & English :  Rakhi Festival is a valuable bonding tied with a blessing thread...

Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS

Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS

Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS in Hindi & English : 

Rakhi Festival is a valuable bonding tied with a blessing thread on the wrist to a brother by a sister on this special event of Raksha Bandhan festival.

Wo Sundar Hai, Sitaron Si, Chand Sa Hai Rand, Chehre Par Khushi Hai, Ghar Me Hai Umang, Uske Liye Mere Dil Me Khoob Pyar Hai, Behan Kya Hai Wo Ishwar Ka Vardaan Hai.

God Could Not Take Care For The Whole World, So He Has Given Mothers To Each Family, In The Same Way Mother Could Not Take Care For The Whole Part Of Our Life So She Has Given Brothers, Thanks For Being My Brother. Happy Raksha Bandhan.

We gain and lose things every day. But trust me on 1 thing. U will never lose me. I will always be here. Happy Raksha Bandhan

Ye Lamha Kuch Khas Hai, Behan Ke Hathon Mein Bhai Ka Haath Hai, O Behna Tere Liye Mere Pass Kuch Khas Hai, Tere Sukoon Ki Khatir Meri Behna, Tera Bhai Hamesha Tere Sath Hai Happy Raksa bandhan

याद है हमारा वो बचपन , वो लड़ना – झगड़ना और वो मना लेना , यही होता है भाई – बहन का प्यार , और इसी प्यार को बढ़ाने के लिए आ रहा है रक्षा बंधन का त्यौहार। …

ये लम्हा कुछ ख़ास है , बहन के हाथों में भाई का हाथ है , ओ ! बहना तेरे लिए मेरे पास कुछ ख़ास है , तेरे सकून की खातिर मेरी बहना , तेरा भाई हमेशा तेरे साथ है।

This MSG is for most wonderful Sister of world. Thank u Sister for always being there on my-side & For helping me in infinite ways winch I can’t even remember!! Happy Rakhi…!

I wish u HAPPY RAKHI and I pray to God for your prosperous life. May you find all the delights of life, May your all dreams come true. My best wishes will always be with you and I wish that you will always shower your blessings on me.

Ye dhaga bandhan ka, Toone to khoob hai nibhaya, Teri har balaye mujhe lag jaye, Baithe hai jis ghane paid ke tale, Koi toofan bhi use chhoo na paye.

Yu Toh hai hum Brahmachari Per ladki Dekhi to Aankh mari Pati to Hamari varna…… Rakhi ki hai taiyaari

Ye Lamha Kuch Khas Hai, Behan Ke Hathon Mein Bhai Ka Haath Hai, O Behna Tere Liye Mere Pass Kuch Khas Hai, Tere Sukoon Ki Khatir Meri Behna, Tera Bhai Hamesha Tere Sath Hai.

My love for you is measureless. My blessings to you are unlimited. Dear Sister, you will always be my friend and my guide. Happy Raksha Bandhan!

A small piece of thread has more power than everything… that is known as Rakhi. Wish you a very Happy Rakhi!

Sister is someone who is caring and sharing. Sister can understand things you never said. She can understand pain Which is not visible to anyone. I love my sister. Wish You Happy Rakhi Sister

Sisters is probably the most competitive Relationship within the family, But once sisters are grown, It becomes the strongest relationship. I Love You My Cute Sister

Sab se alag bhaiya hai mera, Sad se pyara bhaiya hai mera, Kon kheta hai khushiya hi sab hoti hai jahan mein Mere liye to khushiyo se bhi anmol bhaiya hai mera. Happy Raksha Bandhan Bhaiya

“Rakhi Ko Tyonhar Tha Rakhi Bandhane Ko Bhai Taiyar Tha Bhai Bola bahna meri ab to rakhi bandh do, Bahna Boli, Kalai Peechhe karo, Pahale Rupae Hazaar do.”

Meri har kamyabi ke piche hath hai tera, Zindagi ke har mod pe sath hai tera, Tere hone se hi mila sab hai mujh behna Meri har khushi ke piche hath hai tera.

Hai bas ek dua Meri Khushiya bhaiya tujhe mil jaye, Jo tu chahe tujhe mile Tu humesha hi bas muskurata jaye. Happy Rakhi…

Your CARE makes me feel proud. & on this day I want to shout it out loud. Happy Raksha Bandhan my sister.

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Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS & Messages in Hindi and English are widely used by brother and sister during this day. 

Zindagi mein kuch rishte hote hai bade pyare, Jese humara rishta hai bhai. Teri khushiyo me meri khushi hai Or tere hone se hi meri zindagi mein khushiya samai. Happy Raksha Bandhan

You are my best friend and I am sure I will never find a better brother than you in this whole world. Come home soon so we can celebrate this Raksha Bandhan in a grand way.

Rakhi Is The Combination Of
Five Meaningful Words..
R.. Rock Strong Relationship
A.. Acceptance All Along
K.. Kindness To The Core
H.. Heart Warming Presence
I.. Idealistic Relationship..
Happy Raksha Bandhan

Khush kismat hoti hai wo behan Jiske sir par bhai ka haath hota hai Har pareshaani mein uske saath hota hai Ladna jhagadna fir pyaar se manana Tabhi to is rishte mein itna pyaar hota hai.

साथ पले और साथ बड़े हुए, खूब मिला बचपन में प्यार, भाई-बहन का प्यार बढ़ाने, आया राखी का त्यौहार।

Rakhi Is The Symbol Of Love Between Brother And Sister, Its Such A Great Feeling, I Always Do Wish My Sister On This Special Event, And Also Present A Cool Gift As Her Surprise, Happy Raksha Bandhan…

Mere bhai tujh se ek aas lage bethi hu, Rakhi ko apne pass saaye bethi ho, Abhi se bethi ho intezaar mein tere Mein teri rahon pe nazrein lageye bethi hu.

Life Can Be Beautiful And It Becomes Even More So When One Has A Sister Like You It Has Been A Joy And An Inspiration That I Have Such Lovely Sister To Help and Guide Me I Wish That You Be Blessed With Eternal Joy, Dear Elder Sister.

I waited long for the day through the year that you so ceremoniously tie Rakhi on my wrist and pray for my wellbeing. Dear Sis, I wish that our bond grows stronger every day.

Saath Pale Aur Sath Badhe Hain Khoob Mila Bachpan Mein Pyar Bhai Bhen Ka Pyar Badhane Aaya Rakhi Ka Tyohar Happy Raksha Bandhan.

The highlight of my childhood was making my brother laugh so hard that food came out his nose.”

“My cute angel from today’s onwards I promise you I’ll never scold you When you’ll tear my books, Messed up my clothes. You are really a ray of happiness in my life.” Happy Rakhi My Cute Sister

Dear Brother U Know That U Are The Most Precious Stone In The Collection Of Secret Treasure So This Rakhi Bandhan I Will To Say That U Are The Best Brother And U Mean To Me The Whole World..! Happy Raksha Bandhan

My dear sister is one of the most precious gifts sent by God. Have a great Rakhi festival my loving sis.

On this Rakhi, let’s bring back The lively spirit of childhood, Play pranks with each other And become that wacky sibling we were always. Happy Raksha Bandhan

बहनो को भाईयों का साथ मुबारक हो; भाईयों की कलाईयो को बहनो का प्यार मुबारक हो; रहे ये सुख हमेशा आपकी ज़िंदगी में; आप सब को राखी का पावन-पवित्र त्यौहार मुबारक।

By Sending Messages and SMS of Raksha Bandhan Between Brother and Sister improves the caring and respective strong relationship. In this Special Raksha Bandhan, Caring Day is also known as tying Rakhi on a brother’s wrist when the brother needs upon the promise of his sister’s safety.  

Bhai ek khwahis hai meri, Har janam mein bas teri hi kalai pe rakhi bandhna chahu, Tu hi mile har janam mujh bhai ban ke Or har janam mein aise hi muskurau. Happy Raksha Bandhan

याद आता है अक्सर वो गुज़रा ज़माना तेरी मीठी सी आवाज़ मे भैया कहकर बुलाना वो स्कूल के लिये मुझे जगाना अब क्या करें बहना, यही है ज़िंदगी का तराना

You were always my best friend, looking out for me, making sure the path I traveled on was smooth. Even if I searched the world over, there cannot be a better brother than you. Wishing You Life’s Best Always

U Are The Person Who Holds Me In My Bad Times U Helped Me While I Was In Trouble U Made Me Feel Safe When I Was Scared And Other Things U Did To Make Me Happy thanks Is Insufficient For All This.. Happy Raksha Bandhan

Aaya Hai Ek Tyohar, Jis Mein Hota Hai Bhai Or Bahan Ka Pyar, Challo Manayen Ye Khushio Se Is Tyohar, Sari Duniya Se Pyari Meri Bahena Ka Pyar, Challo Manaye Ye Khushio Se is Rakhi Ka Tyohar, Happy Raksha Bandhan.

चंदन की लकड़ी फूलों का हार; अगस्त का महीना सावन की फुहार; भैया की कलाई बहन का प्यार; मुबारक हो आपको रक्षा-बंधन
का त्यौहार।

Dear Sister, You mean the world to me. I would not have been what I am, without you! A very Happy Rakshabandhan to you!

You know that you are the most precious stone in the collection of my secret treasure. Happy ‘Raksha Bandhan’ to my gorgeous sis from your brother.”

“Rakhi is just an excuse for me to express myself. You mean the world to me. Lots of happiness from your brother.”

“May this auspicious occasion, bring you all the prosperity, and good luck in your way of life.”

“Warm wishes on Rakhi Day! Rakhi Day is the day when special people like you are thought of fondly with love and cheer. Hope every hour of this special day is filled with moments that will bring happiness for you.”

The Messages and SMS of Raksha Bandhan for Brother and Sister are generally used on Facebook and Whatsapp and it’s a beautiful way to let him or her know by using best Raksha Bandhan SMS in Hindi or English language. 

Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS

No Matter The Distance Between Us My Rakhi Will Always Reach On Time To Be Tied On The Wrist Of My Loving Brother With The Heart Warming Wishes Of Joy And
Happiness To Illuminate Ur Life.. Happy Raksha Bandhan

Happy Rakhsha Bandhan SMS in Hindi Font

रिश्ता है जन्मों का हमारा, भरोसे का और प्यार भरा , चलो भईया, इसे बाँधे राखी के अटूट बँधन में … Happy Raksha Bandhan!!

Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS for Sister

Usaka Husn gaya kaleja cheer Nayano Se barbas Chhuta ek teer vo Muskrai, Nazdeeq aai Boli, Rakhi Bandhwale mere veer.

Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS in English

Today Is Rakhsha Bandan And U R Not Here By My Side. But We R Close in Each Other’s thought And My Love Will Always Be with U.

Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS for Brother

Love Is That Which Binds Us Together. On This Beautiful and Holy Occasion Of Raksha Bandhan, I Wish That We Might Continue To Enjoy Many More Years as Brother and Sister It Is A Joy To Have You As A Brother.

Funny Raksha Bandhan SMS & Messages

“Kya Bataoo Yaaro Meri Kismat Ki Kahani Kuch Is tarah Likhi Gai Jin Hatho Se Gulab Dena Chahta Tha Unhi hatho me vo Rakhi Bandhkar Chali Gai.”

Funny Raksha Bandhan SMS in Hindi

“Har ilzam ka haqdar vo hame bana jati hai, har khata ki saza vo hume bata jaati hai, hum har baar khamosh rah jate hai, kyonki who har baar Raksha Bandhan ka darr dikha jaati hai.”

In those events, the thin string of Rakhi and SMS is Used to improve the religious connection between the brothers and sisters. However, in the modern era, the event is particularly searching some of Good Status and Messages for Raksha Bandhan SMS for improving brother-sister connection and Send it to Whatsapp and Facebook. 

Short & One line Rakhi Status in English

Sisters are blossoms in the garden of life.

There is no other love like the love for a bro. There’s no other love like the love from a brother.

A love between a brother and a sister is one of the deepest and noblest of human emotions.

Happy Rakhi SMS in Hindi for Brother & Sister

आया है एक जश्न का त्यौहार, जिसमे होता है भाई-बहन का प्यार, चलो मनाए राखी का ये त्यौहार।

The value and importance of Rakhi messages and SMS for Raksha Bandhan festival are recognized famous and also it is spread on the various platform on social media such as Facebook and Whatsapp. all the Brothers are Expecting some Latest Rakshan Bandhan SMS and Status in English and Hindi from their sister and brother.

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Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS
Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS
Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS - Dont Forget to Checkout This amazing Happy Raksha Bandhan SMS Post of Dmsort.
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